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Selected References

Portfolio of Work

Safety Certificate for a Shop in Estepona

Technical report and safety certificate for a shop

Estepona (Malaga) - 2000

Certificates of Antiquity

Certificates of Antiquity for Buildings

Malaga Province. 2004 - 2018.

Technical Report for Swimming Pools

On-site inspection, technical report and written conclusion for swimming pools

Estepona (Malaga) - 2004

Safety certificate for a shop in Fuengirola

Technical report and safety certificate for a shop

Fuengirola (Malaga) - 2004

Report about urban planning conditions in Estepona

Reports about applicable urban planning conditions

Malaga Province. 2006 - 2015.

Feasibility Study in Manilva

Feasibility Study

Sabinillas, Manilva (Malaga) - 2006

Safety and Accesibility Certificate

Technical report and safety and accessibility certificate for a dwelling

Estepona (Malaga) - 2009

Expert Written Conclusions

Technical report and expert written conclusions

Spain. 2010 - 2022.

ITE Report for a Building

ITE reports

Andalusia. 2012-2022.

Horizontal Division Report

Horizontal division report

Estepona (Malaga) - 2013

Valuation Reports

Valuation reports

Malaga Province. 2013-2018.

Measurement reports

Measurement reports for properties

Malaga Province. 2013-2022.

Energetic Efficiency Reports

Energetic efficiency reports

Malaga Province. 2014-2018.

On-Site Inspection in Marbella

On-site inspection

Marbella (Malaga) - 2017

Selection of plots for sale in Malaga

Report about plots for sale

Malaga - 2017

Evaluation Reports for Buildings in Antequera

Evaluation reports for buildings in Antequera

Antequera (Malaga) - 2018

Descriptive and Graphic Certificate in Estepona

Descriptive and graphic certificate for apartment

Estepona (Malaga) - 2018

Report about building status in Estepona

Report about the status of a residential building

Estepona (Malaga) - 2019

Report about the status of a building in Torremolinos

Technical report about the status of a residential building

Torremolinos (Malaga) - 2019

Report about structural safety in Marbella

Report about structural safety

Marbella (Malaga) - 2020

On-site inspection in Torremolinos

On-site inspection of a clinic in a residential building

Torremolinos (Malaga) - 2022

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