Building Measurement Report
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Building Measurement Report

Property Measurements in Spain

Architect Daniel Trujillano provides professional services for the measurement of Floor Areas (FA) in buildings. A Building Measurement Report includes a description of the property, lists of Floor Areas and associated drawings.

Measurement Report

Scope of Services and Fee Proposal Relating a Property Measurement

This website provides an easy-filling form that allows to request a detailed report about the Scope of Services and Fee Proposal relating the Floor Areas Measurement of a building in Spain. You can access this form by clicking the following button:

Application Form

Your details will only be used to draft the Scope of Services and Fee Proposal report and will not be stored unless you decide to accept the conditions specified therein.

Property Measurement

Definition of Gross Floor Area (GFA)

Gross Floor Area ('superficie construida' in Spanish) can be defined as the area bounded by the outer line of the exterior walls and the axis line of the party walls, deducting the area occupied by patios and courts. In Spain, the area occupied by balconies, terraces, porches and other private outdoor spaces does not count if they are open spaces, and if they are covered spaces can be computed at 50% or 100%, depending on the number of walls and the measurement criterion to apply. Computing or not the GFA of spaces where the height is less than 1.50 m also depends on the measurement criteria and on the use of the property.

Definition of Gross Internal Area (GIA)

The Gross Internal Area of a building ('superficie útil' in Spanish) can be defined as the result of subtracting from the Floor Area bounded by the inner line of the exterior walls and the party walls the Floor Area occupied by the following elements:

  • interior fixed partitions
  • vertical structural elements
  • pipes or ducts with more than 100 square centimeters in horizontal section.

In Spain, the Floor Area occupied by spaces where the height is less than 1.50 meters must also be deducted from the total GIA. Covered private outdoor spaces (terraces, balconies, porches, loading bays, overhangs, etc.) compute at 50% of the Floor Area occupied by the horizontal projection of the roof.


Measurement of shop in Estepona

Measurement report for a shop. Estepona (Malaga). Year 2013.

Apartment measurement

Measurement report for an apartment. Estepona (Malaga). Year 2015.

Home measurement in Marbella

Measurement report for a duplex house. Marbella (Malaga). Year 2019.

Measurement in Malaga

Measurement report for flats. Málaga. Year 2022.

Geographic Coverage

Geographical Coverage of the Professional Service

According to Spanish Royal Decree 1000/2010, Measurement Reports don't require endorsement by the Architects' Association, but the client may request it voluntarily, if he considers it appropriate or necessary. To this end, Architect Daniel Trujillano is enabled to obtain the endorsement for his Measurement Reports in any of the Architects' Associations in Spain. In addition, the guarantee of his liability insurance allows him to extend his professional activities throughout the whole Spanish territory.

Provider Information

Legal Information about the Professional Service

All legal information about the professional service provider, enforceable in accordance with Article 22 of Law 17/2009, of 23 November, on Free Access to Service Activities (BOE of 24 November 2009), is available for the clients upon request.

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