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Property Valuation Report

Property Valuation Report

Real Estate Valuation in Spain

Architect Daniel Trujillano provides professional services for the valuation of buildings in Spain, and he's entitled to act as an expert in property valuations in legal proceedings.


Property Valuation Fee Proposal

This website provides an easy-filling form that allows to request a detailed Scope of Services and Fee Proposal relating to the professional services needed to determine the value of a building located in Spanish territory. You can access this form by clicking the following button:

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Your information will only be used to draft the Scope of Services and Fee Proposal document, and they will not be stored unless you decide to accept the conditions specified therein.

Valuation of a Building in Spain

Valuation of a Building in Spain

The valuation of buildings, separately from its piece of land, requires the provision of information about all unitary values relating to the construction of the various building uses (residential, commercial, etc..), further comprising the following tasks:

  • getting intrinsic data relating to the urban situation, including public services, history of the local market, etc.
  • obtaining information about the construction quality of the building, its form, economic performance, condition, etc.
  • measuring the covered area and the total volume of the building
  • making economic and fiscal calculations
  • obtaining various kinds of value, using various methods in order to achieve the sought quantity
  • drafting a detailed report exposing the general study of the valuation
  • summarizing the report in a certificate.

When the valuation report is drafted in a legal proceeding, the document acquires expert valuation range.


Valuation report for a house in Archidona

Valuation report for a house in Archidona (Málaga). 2013.

Valuation report for an office in Estepona

Valuation report for an office in Estepona (Málaga). 2013.

Valuation report for a house in Estepona

Valuation report for a house in Estepona (Málaga). 2015.

Valuation of parking lot and storage rooms in Manilva

Valuation report for a parking lot and two storage rooms in Manilva (Málaga). 2016.

Geographic Coverage

Geographical Coverage

According to Royal Decree 1000/2010, the endorsement by the Architect's Association is not mandatory for the valuation reports, but the client may request it on a voluntary basis, if he considers it appropriate or necessary. To this end, Architect D. Trujillano is enabled to obtain the endorsement for his valuation reports in any of the Architect's Associations in Spain. In addition, the guarantee of his liability insurance allows him to extend his professional activities throughout the whole Spanish territory.

Architect's Details

Legal Information about the Service

Complete legal information about the service provider and about the offered service, required in accordance with Article 22 of Law 17/2009, of 23 November, on free access to service activities and its exercise (BOE of 24 November , 2009), is available for the clients, upon request.

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