Architecture Reports
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Architecture Reports

On-site Inspections, Technical Reports, Written Conclusions and Certificates Related to all Kinds of Buildings and Land in Spain

Service description:

  • On-site Inspection: Inspection of lands and buildings as a first step towards the possible development of technical reports and written conclusions on such lands or buildings.
  • Architectural Report: Written statement about the circumstances found in the inspection of lands and buildings, related to the issue under consideration, with technical or economic explanations.
  • Written Conclusion: Written statement or opinion, justified in the previous technical report, exposed by the architect on the issue under consideration.
  • Certificate: A certificate is a document that ensures the truth of a fact and / or circumstances relating to the construction and / or land.

In Spain, Architectural Reports and Certificates may be required in many different procedures. If the purpose of a Technical Report is to serve as evidence in a trial or summary, it is called an 'Expert Report', and includes a Written Conclusion. The reports that refer to the conservation status of a building are called ITE Reports (Technical Inspection of Buildings). If the purpose of a Certificate is to certify the antiquity of a building or construction, it is called Certificate of Antiquity.

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