Legalization Documents for Buildings in Spain
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Legalization Documents for Buildings in Spain

Full Architectural Services for the Legalization of Construction Works

Spanish Architect Daniel Trujillano provides professional services for the legalization of construction works in Spain. The Legalization Documents are required for restoring the legal order when construction works were performed without a building permit or violating the conditions in a granted building permit.


Fee Proposal Application

This website provides an easy form you can use to apply for a detailed report about the Scope of Services and Fee Proposal relating the drafting of Legalization Documents for construction works in Spain. You can access this form by clicking the following button:

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Your details will only be used for drafting the requested quotation, and they will not be stored unless you decide to accept the conditions specified therein.

Legalization Documents

Legalization Documents

Generally, Legalization Documents shall consist of the following:

  • Descriptive Report
  • Justification Report
  • Constructive Report
  • Justification of Compliance with Spanish CTE (Technical Building Code)
  • Justification of Compliance with other Spanish Regulations
  • Annexes
  • Location Plan
  • Site Plan
  • Urban Development Plan
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations and Sections Plans
  • Structure Plans
  • Installations Plans
  • Construction Cost Schedule
  • Instructions for Use and Maintenance
  • Architect's Final Certificate
  • Common Final Certificate, when needed
  • Pictures showing all facades.

If the construction works aren't totally completed, the unfinished part will require all documents associated to a regular Architectural Design phase and the Construction Documents phase.

Geographic Coverage

Geographic Coverage

According to the Spanish legislation, all Legalization Documents and the Final Performance Certificate must obtain endorsement by the Architects' Association. In that sense, Architect Daniel Trujillano is fully authorized to obtain endorsement in any of the Architects' Associations existing in Spain. In addition, the guarantee of his liability insurance allows him to extend his professional activities throughout the whole Spanish territory.

For all that, the geographic scope of the service provided covers the entire Spanish territory.

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