Building Demolition Project
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Building Demolition Project

Documentation for the Demolition of Buildings

Architect Daniel Trujillano provides professional services required for the demolition of buildings in Spain.

Technical Documents for a Demolition Project

In general, a demolition project requires the following documents:

  • Specifications: work order, building description, demolition method and statement about circumstances and planning regulations
  • Demolition Costs
  • Drawings: situation, site, floor plans and elevation plans or photographs
  • Health and Safety Study or Basic Health and Safety Study, as appropriate
  • Waste Management Study.
Request for a Quotation

Quotation for a Building Demolition Project

This website provides a simple form to request a detailed report about the professional fees for the service of drafting the Technical Documents required for the demolition of a building, and the General Review of the works involved. You can access this form by clicking the button below:

Application Form

Your details will only be used to draft the Scope of Services and Fee Proposal, and will not be stored unless you decide to accept the conditions specified therein.

Demolition Project

The Waste Management Study

The Demolition Waste Management Study should include at least:

  • an estimate of the amount of generated waste
  • measures for waste prevention in the work
  • reuse, recovery or disposal of generated waste
  • measures for the separation of waste
  • planned facilities for the storage, handling, separation and other management operations within the work
  • requirements of Technical Specification in relation to the storage, handling, separation and other management operations within the work
  • estimated cost of the demolition waste management.
Geographical Coverage

Geographical Coverage

According to R. D. 1000/2010, of August 5, it's required to obtain an endorsement on the technical documents required for the demolition of buildings that do not require the use of explosives, according to the provisions of the applicable building regulations. To meet this requirement, architect Daniel Trujillano is entitled to endorse his demolition projects in any of the Colleges of Architects in Spain.

Moreover, the coverage of the liability insurance contracted by architect Daniel Trujillano extends throughout the Spanish territory.

Based on the above, the geographical scope of the professional service covers the entire national territory.

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